Tuesday, 22 January 2019

A heartwarming football story

I have been remorselessly critical of Paul Pogba as a footballer, calling him the "big I am" and accusing him of "poncing around" on the pitch, notwithstanding the occasional flash of brilliance. However I may have to make a reappraisal of Pogba the person as there was a heartwarming story in the news today.

An Australian chap currently working in England and travelling on a train from Manchester with his wife was irritated by a group of casually dressed young males, who he took to be students and who were being rather noisy. By way of an apology, one of the noisy group asked, in a French accent, if the man would like a photograph. So the chap handed the bemused Frenchman his phone and began to pose. "No, no, no, I am asking if you would like a photo with me, sir". Confused but too polite to refuse, he has his photo taken with the Frenchman and another tall young man.

Only when he sent a message to his son in Australia, asking if he knew who the chap was, did he find out it was Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic on the photo:

Not that it left him much the wiser, even though he was sharing his carriage with the Manchester United first team squad.

Two things in particular amused me about the story. The first was the reason for the noise: the Man United players were playing the card game Uno, suitable for a wide age range (officially 7 and upwards) which we often play with family and friends. And which is sufficient fun that it is very difficult to play without making some noise. The second was Pogba calling the chap "sir". Anyone who does that and enjoys playing Uno can't be all bad.

Uno playing Manchester United midfielder leaves couple baffled. BBC, https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46950701

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  1. Pogba looks to me as you describe him at the start of your posting, spoilt, self centred etc. etc. But surely the issue here is that the MU players should not have been making a noise to intrude on the lives of others.