Monday, 25 April 2016

Phil Healy's must see race

If you like sport and haven't seen this relay race ten days ago at the Irish Universities athletics championships, please do follow the link and watch it.

Seven teams in the 4 x 400m final, but University College Cork had only 3 runners, so asked Phil (short for Philomena) Healy, who was warming down after her 200m race, to make up the numbers even though they thought she'd never run the 400m before (she had tried it, once).

She said she would run last, thinking this would mean no pressure to put the team in a good position and that UCC's race might be more or less over anyway. It looked that way as Phil, running in a red jersey, took the baton in 5th place, 40 m behind the 4th place runner and almost 80m behind the leader. The women in 2nd and 3rd place at the start of the final lap ran great laps but Phil Healy gave it everything....

If you don't have 4 and a half minutes to watch it all, start at 3 minutes in just before the final baton changes.

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